Your application was a pleasure to read and I know our music faculty enjoyed listening to your recording submission. We hope you will choose to make Cambridge your home for the next 4 years and share your many talents with our community.
Harvard University letter to Opus119 student John Austin. John is currently a graduate medical student at Stanford
I just listened to the MP3 files you submitted to Cornell for review along with your application.  Excellent music making--bravo!
Cornell University
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She proved to be one of the most refined and artistic for her age or perhaps any age.
New York Concert Review Allison To was the Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize Award of the Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Piano Competition
It’s wonderful to see a young person pursue such an important career that requires so much devotion and commitment
United States Congressman Ed Royce in letter to Opus119 student Allison To
Phoebe was the youngest participant and winner in the history of the Spotlight Award Program
OC Register
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I want you to know how much I enjoyed your performances.  The Liszt is bristling with style, and the Bach is very clearly drawn.
Stanford Professor letter to Opus119 student Dennis Fang who was accepted to Stanford University.
The caliber of instruction and the quality of students at Opus119 are unlike those of piano lessons taught in the living rooms of suburban homes
OC Register

Most notable Major Awards won by Opus119 students:

MTAC Young Artists Guild
• Allison To, 2018
• Stacy Chang, 2018
• Dennis Fang, 2011

Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition:
• Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize: Angela Lee, 2015
• other awards: Michelle Fan, Stacy Chang 2015
• Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize: Allison To, 2013
• Grand Prize: Phoebe Pan 2009

The Los Angeles Music Center's "Spotlight" Award Grand Prize winners: $5000 cash prize + full scholarship to Aspen Festival
• Adrian Liao 2015
• Phoebe Pan 2012

National YoungArts winners
• Anne Liu 2018 Finalist
• Allison To 2018 Merit
• Stacy Chang 2017 Honorable Mention
• Allison To 2017 Honorable Mention
• Adrian Liao 2016 Finalist
• Phoebe Pan 2014 Finalist

NPR (National Public Radio) From The Top:
• Adrian Liao
• Allison To
• Phoebe Pan

Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition
• Allison To, youngest and only USA Prize

Virginia Waring International Piano Competition Prize Winners:
• Katharine Lee, Bronze 2015
• Angela Lee, Most promising award 2015
• Allison To, Silver 2011
• Weston Mizumoto, Silver 2007

Bosendorfer/Schimmel/Yamaha International Piano Competition Prize Winners:
• Annie Liu, Bronze Medal 2017
• Allison To, Bronze Medal 2015
• Phoebe Pan, Silver Medal 2011

San Jose International Piano Competition:
• Lucie Kim, 1st Prize 2015
• Michelle Fan and Angela Lee, Tied 1st Prize 2013; Katharine Lee, 3rd 2013; Ursula Hardianto, Stacy Chang, HM 2013;
• Tammy Wu, 3rd prize, 2010
• Phoebe Pan, 1st prize, 2009

Seattle International Piano Competition:
• Katharine Lee, Gold Medal 2015
• Phoebe Pan, Gold Medal 2009

• Angela Lee, South Region and State Final Concerto winner (2016)

MTAC State Solo/Concerto Competition 1st prize winners:
• Angela Lee (Concerto), Phoebe Pan (Solo), Adrian Liao (Concerto) (2016)
• Allison To (Concerto), Phoebe (Solo) (2015)
• Angela Lee (Special Grand Prize for Solo competition with additional $1000 scholarship, 2015)
• Allison To (Solo, 2013)
• Dennis Fang, YAG Winner (2011)
• Sean Jeong, (2011)
• Jessica Ma, Phoebe Pan (2010)
• Jessica Ma, (2009)
• Dennis Fang, (2008)

MTAC State Solo/Concerto Competition Alternate winners:
• Allison To (2018)
• Anne Liu (2018)
• Michelle Fan (2017)
• Elizabeth Zietz (2016)
• Adrian Liao (2015)

Lang Lang Fundation Audition Winner:
• Elizabeth Zietz (2016)

Los Angeles International Franz Liszt Music Competition Prize Winner:
• Dennis Fang (1st), Vinson Luo (2nd & Best Transcription Prize), Anne Liu (2nd), George Hu (2nd), Michelle Fan (3rd); Stacy Chang (4th), Tiffany To, Carolina Chu, Sean Jeong, Khoa Huynh, Jessica Ma

Los Angeles Young Musicians International Piano Competition:
• Elizabeth Ziets (1st prize, 2015)

Helen B. Goodlin Competition: $1500 Prize
• Anne Liu (Winner, 2017)
• Adrian Liao (Winner, 2015)
• Ursula Hardianto & Adrian Liao (Winners, 2013)

Musical Merit Foundation
• Anne Liu (Grand Prize 2018, $14,000 plus full Aspen Scholarship)
• Adrian Liao (Winner, 2016)

Students has been accepted to music major and non-music major at many prestigious universities:

Harvard University
Yale University
Columbia University
Princeton University
Cornell University
Stanford University
California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
Pomona College
Boston University
Northwestern University
Johns Hopkins University
Peabody Music Institute
New England Conservatory
Manhattan School of Music
Eastman Conservatory
Cleveland Music Institute
Oberlin Conservatory
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego