Opus119 students has received over 2000 awards including some of the most prestigious prizes in the world
Most notable Major Awards won by Opus119 students:

- Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition:
Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize: Angela Lee, 2015
other awards: Michelle Fan, Stacy Chang 2015)
Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize: Allison To, 2013
Grand Prize: Phoebe Pan 2009
- The Los Angeles Music Center's "Spotlight" Award Grand Prize winners:
Adrian Liao 2015
Phoebe Pan 2012
- National YoungArts winners
Adrian Liao 2016
Phoebe Pan 2014, 2015
- NPR (National Public Radio) From The Top:
Adrian Liao, Allison To, Phoebe Pan
- Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition
Allison To, youngest and only USA Prize
- Virginia Waring International Piano Competition Prize Winners:
Katharine Lee-Bronze 2015
Angela Lee-Most promising award 2015
Allison To-Silver 2011
Weston Mizumoto-Silver 2007
- San Jose International Piano Competition:
Lucie Kim, 1st Prize 2015
Michelle Fan and Angela Lee, Tied 1st Prize 2013; Katharine Lee, 3rd 2013; Ursula Hardianto, HM 2013
- MTAC State Solo/Concerto Competition 1st prize winners:
Angela Lee, Phoebe Pan (2016)
Allison To, Phoebe, Angela Lee (2015)
Allison To, (2013)
Dennis Fang, YAG Winner (2011)
Sean Jeong, (2011)
Jessica Ma, Phoebe Pan (2010)
Jessica Ma, (2009)
Dennis Fang, (2008)
- Los Angeles International Franz Liszt Music Competition Prize Winner:
Dennis Fang (1st) Vinson Luo (2nd), Tiffany To, Carolina Chu, George Hu, Sean Jeong, Khoa Huynh, Jessica Ma

Students has been accepted to music major and non-music major at many prestigious universities:

- Harvard University
- Yale University
- Columbia University
- Princeton University
- Cornell University
- Stanford University
- Pomona College
- Boston University
- Northwestern University
- Johns Hopkins University
- Peabody Music Institute
- New England Conservatory
- Eastman Conservatory
- Cleveland Music Institute
- Oberlin Conservatory
- UC Berkeley