Opus119’s faculty team is comprised of outstanding musicians trained in many prestigious universities, colleges, and conservatories. They hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from institutions such as Yale, Curtis, Johns Hopkins, Juilliard, New England Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music, to name a few. However, these academic credentials are not the only reason our faculty team produces remarkable results in development of our students.

Our team understands that every child is different and not one teaching style fits everyone. Through communication, they share ideas; it often sheds light on matters from different point of view, allowing them to explore various facets of teaching. They tirelessly map out student’s curriculum plan to assure a healthy, efficient, and effective progress. This objectivity combined with passion for teaching and musical excellence is the reason Opus119 have become one of the most respected music institution since its foundation in 2003!

Meet our outstanding faculties

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Opus119 has had the privilege of hosting masterclasses with

William Grant Nabore - Lake Como International Piano Academy (Italy)
Stanislav Ioudenitch - Cliburn International Competition Gold Medalist
Haewon Sung - Oberlin Conservatory
Angela Cheng - Oberlin Conservatory
Thomas Rosenkranz - Bowling Green University
Boris Berman - Yale University
Meng-Chieh Liu - Curtis Institute
Ann Schein - Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University
Fei Lan Li - Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing)
Alpin Hong - Winner of Concert Artists Guild (NY)
Sergey Schepkin - New England Conservatory of Music
Max Levinson - New England Conservatory of Music
Nina Scolnick - University of California Irvine
Gila Goldstein - New York University & Boston UniversityManami Kawamura - Biola University
Ching-Yun Hu - Temple University
Dmitry Rachmanov - Cal State Northridge
Ning An - Lee University and Cal State Fullterton
Gloria Chien - Lee University
Kevin Fitz-Gerald - Thornton school of Music, USC
Bernadine Blaha - Thornton school of Music, USC
Dennis Thurmond - Thornton school of Music, USC Daniela Mineva - Humboldt State University
Mark Richman - International Institute for Young Musicians
Mark Sullivan - General Chairman of the Southern California Junior Bach Festival
Elena Rossman - Founder and Director of AADGT

Our students have had masterclasses with

Mary Ann Cummins - The Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI)
Wha Kyung Byun - New England Conservatory
Russell Sherman - New England Conservatory
Matti Raekallio - Juilliard School
Dmitri Bashkirov - Lake Como International Piano Academy
Menahem Pressler - Indiana University
Robert Shannon - Oberlin Conservatory
Alvin Chow - Oberlin Conservatory
Peter Takács - Oberlin Conservatory
Julian Martin - Juilliard School
Jerome Lowenthal - Juilliard School
John Perry - USC
Dan Zhao-Yi - SiChuan Conservatory
John O'Conor - United Kingdom
Christopher Elton - Royal Academy of Music (London)
Dag Achatz - International Piano Competition Jury
Elizabeth Pridonoff - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Baruch Meir - ASU Herberger Institute School of Music
Tian Ying - Florida University
Franz Mo - Shanghai Conservatory