Iliana Nedialkova
B.M., University of Brasilia
M.M., California State University Long Beach

A Bulgarian violinist raised in Brazil, Nedialkova holds extensive background of 18 years in violin acquired through solo, chamber music, and orchestral performances as well as tutelage for young children. Winner of the Solo Concerto Competition at the University of Brasilia where she received her bachelor’s degree, she was granted the opportunity to perform as a soloist in the cities of Brasilia and Londrina. She received numerous invitations from top orchestras of Brasilia to perform as a guest and substitute musician; she was the concertmaster of the Video Game Music Orchestra, assistant concertmaster of the University of Brasilia Symphony Orchestra and Night and Day Orchestra, and a member of the National Theater Claudio Santoro Symphony Orchestra.

Nedialkova relocated to Los Angeles to continue pursuing advanced studies in violin performance with French acclaimed violinist, Professor henry Gronnier. Nedialkova has been invited to perform as a guest musician at the Eastern Sierra Symphony and often performs at musical events organized by Professor Midori Goto in partnership with other great names of the musical scene in Los Angeles (Professors Moni Simeonov, Henry Gronnier, and Joon Sung Jun, among others).

Her previous appointments before joining Opus119 include Children Music Educator for the project ‘Music for Children’, and violin teacher at BSB Musical. She has also performed at numerous educational music concerts for underprivileged children in Brasilia, Brazil.